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Feedback & Suggestions

When might Lutris start offering DXUP or VK9, like it does for DXVK? (4)
[Suggestion] Emulator runners with different versions of the emulator (1)
Forums link on main page (1)
Suggestion for informational button in Lutris (9)
Environment Variable Glossary (2)
Forums link should be on top of Lutris' website, prefer dark color scheme (4)
New webste tidy up stuff, security note (3)
[Installer] Skyrim: Special Edition (1)
XCOM: Enemy Unknown for GOG? (5)
Crossover support/runner (1)
A HUGE Thank-you! (3)
Skyrim special edition run notes, solutions (3)
Anbox support (for android games) (4)
Wine 3.6-GE ****** League of Legends (edited) (9)
Games properties feature (2)
BFV, R6 Siege and Pubg when will run on linux? (2)
Banners (1)
Include libgnutls30 (3.5.18-1ubuntu1) (32bit) in Lutris runtime (1)
[Suggestion] For proton symlink users/steamuser to users/$USER (1)
World of Warcraft Runners (2)
No apps will POP UP (1)
Make it easier to collaborate on install scripts (4)
A clearer introduction by having one central guide (2)
Can not sync to steam - public profile - error at first (2)
Choice of servers for The Elder Scrolls Online (1)
Lutris for snap? (2)
Abuse of the "report issue" utility (2)
Heads up: wineSteam scripts have to force winearch win64 and prefix64 and vice-versa (4)
Can we get Overwatch highlights working? (3)
Install script of the GOG version of Solider of Fortune 1 and 2 (1)