Wine-ge is not good enough

Lutris by default install wine-ge, however this flavor of wine is not good to play games, I had issues with it across multiple games and instead I always use staging version of wine which is far better and causes no issues so far, every game just works with it.

Didn’t test stable version from winehq but staging one is way better candidate than current default.
Lutris should have an option to let users download and manage wine versions other than wine-ge within Lutris (those from winehq) rather than specifying system wine.

If you are having an issue with a game and wine-ge, please provide log data as per the pinned message for the game and the details on your hardware. In the entire list of games in the site that use wine, there are only a handful that don’t work (eg League of Legends) or won’t install (EVE Online needs 7.2-2 to install but runs on wine-ge-8-26) with the wine-ge-8-26.
Finally you can download and use whatever version of wine you want, same with DXVK, VKD3D etc - just extract the tar file for the wine version in ~/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine when lutris is not running and it will appear in your drop down. You can use protonup-qt to add them as well. The only issue is - if you have a problem with the game not running, you will need to use reddit or another site to get support - the official support is limited to the current default wine version (wine-ge-8-26) as wine-staging does break many other games, wine-staging-tkg does have a larger number of patches but IIRC had some controller issues that are fixed in the wine-ge patch set.

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Nice didn’t know this, it’s very useful info!

OK, that is expected, I might have be very lucky to have a set of games that works, there is only one that didn’t work with staging version but worked with wine-ge.

Thanks I will next time if there is no way to fix things, didn’t pay attention to pinned message.