Lutris Prefix Folder Deletes Itself?

Hi everyone! Before i get started i just wanted to say any and all replies are GREATLY Appreciated thank you so much. I’ve been using Linux (Endeavor-OS) as my main OS for about a month or two now and decided to deep dive into Lutris. Lutris was working fine for about a day until i started realizing that it’s been deleting all of my Lutris Prefix folders. The problem I’m having is i can’t even get a game setup anymore because the Prefix folder will automatically delete no matter what i do and no matter what directory, hard drive or even file system i put it on. A example of this would be i create a folder in my Documents called “Lutris_Prefixes>Metal_Gear_Solid_1” and link it as my Lutris Prefix directory and it will just delete itself as soon as i attempt to launch the setup.exe file. I’ll leave some things down below I’ve tried and the Error code but it’s really frustrating considering the only thing hindering me back from actually launching the game to set it up properly and test it with Proton or Wine is the fact that like the folder will literally delete itself before it even finishes launching.

Error code I’m receiving (after lutris deletes my Prefix folder:)
Invalid Wine prefix path /home/globglogabgalab/Lutris_Prefixes/Metal_Gear_Solid_1, make sure to create the prefix before saving to a registry

Other solutions I’ve tried from other Lutris posts with my exact problem:
Uninstalling Lutris from Flatpak reinstalling from the Arch User Repository
Reinstalling Protonqt
Reinstalling Wine
Renaming the folders with underscores (This supposedly helps?)
Trying different hard-drives, directories, and file-systems

Other posts I’ve read through trying to fix this:

you need to head to the discord server for help - link on

I can’t. The discord requires you to link your Phone-Number to even talk and i don’t currently have a phone.

Need screen shots and some real time comms - start with what game and have you searched for an install script?

I’ve seen similar, not exactly the same, behaviour on my girlfriend’s laptop – she was experiencing destructive overwrites of her prefxes. Soon she was left with no (Windows) games at all, and we couldn’t figure what was causing the overwrites, so I went and tried to just delete all the hidden Lutris-related settings files form her home folder, to refresh Lutris as if it was started for the first time. Everything works fine ever since. Although she uses the official deb package for Ubuntu and Mint (she’s a Mint user).

The issue with Mint/Ubuntu (I run Mint) is the version of lutris ( has known issues - getting the correct deb version (0.5.14 now) from git via the downloads links in fixes 90% of the issues.
Many times these “deleted prefixes” etc happen when manually adding a game to lutris and not paying attention to the game options tab settings or setting the prefix on a ntfs folder or root folder of an external drive (permissions are not set correctly).
On the discord server, we can help get this fixed in real time - usually this one is pretty simple - fix the dependencies (32 bit libs etc), get the correct lutris version, check file permissions, clear the config/cache folders and use 1 or 2 test install scripts (with lutris -d enabled to get debug data) to see what is actually happening.

I’ve been having the same issue in Debian 12 recently and I’ve seemed to fix it with giving group permissions to allow to modify directory I hold my game prefixes in. It was set to “group can only view”. Seems to have worked. First time using Debian never had this issue with Ubuntu distros though.