Game Folder Is Deleted when Launching Any Game After Install

I used to be able to install games and be able to launch them. Now whenever I install a game and then launch it. The game folder is deleted and the game throws an error saying “invalid wine prefix path”. The game logs are also empty. All the previously installed games before the issue appeared work properly. You can find the output of lutris -d and the issue report here.

Here is a screenshot of the error:

I was able to install a game in /home/[username], but I am unable to in the directory where my other drive is mounted.

That’s how Linux works. You work in your home directory. The rest belongs to root.

Do you mount the drive from your file manager?

If so, check whether you own it.

The drive is in /etc/fstab. I have managed to install games by setting the drive as my directory in:
preferences -> system options -> default installation folder
I always install my games in this directory anyway, so it works out perfectly.

Unless it’s some kinda NTFS partition, you can set up drive root directory ownership (for user, or for user group with writable group access). Otherwise, you can set owner via uid mount option (although usage of NTFS for anything more complex than file storage is strongly discouraged).

If you don’t have mc (which is most useful when working with filesystem, IMO), you can check directory ownership/rights by using ls -l in terminal.

Maybe your antivirus found something suspicious and decided to quarantine those files.
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Antivirus? What antivirus? Who uses an antivirus on Linux?!
…Also, you necroed a months-old thread without reading it. Literally in the second post (not mentioning the screenshot in OP), he says the issue applies to paths outside /home.

I always create a mount which points to a directory in my home and I make sure that my user is the owner.

So instead of /run/media/gamez/ I would have /home/[username]/gamez/ and use that when specifying an install location.

And I always use the ext4 file system.

And yes, this thread is a bit old but maybe someone comes along with the same problem and finds the information he or she is looking for. These forums are indexed by search engines…