Lutris deletes prefix folders

I’ve seen issues about this, but never in quite the specific fashion that I have. I am currently attempting to use ULTRAKILL with Lutris on the Steam Deck. However when I boot the game it gives me the following error:

 "Invalid Wine prefix path /home/deck/Lutris/Lutris Prefixes/Ultrakill Prefix, make sure to create the prefix before saving to a registry"

I have already created the folder Ultrakill Prefix, but it seems that Lutris is deleting it.

The base path that I use for my Lutris files such as games and prefixes is ~/Lutris/Lutris[games/prefixes]/[game/prefix folders]. I was following a tutorial, but they didn’t cover this error.

Another thing to mention is that the prefix works just fine if I use the folder Lutris Prefixes as the folder(as I found out by misclicking).

I’m not super familiar in Lutris or Linux in general, so any help is appreciated!

Here are some screenshots of the errors and folders:

Lutris Prefixes folder before running the game:

Lutris Prefixes folder after attempting to run game:

I would have the items generated form the console(like lutris -d, and so on) but they are not working currently, and I can’t shutdown lutris at the moment, as I’m installing some software.

see where you have a space between Lutris and Prefixes - change this to Lutris_Prefixes everywhere including in the folder name and in the game config (right click the game->configure->Game Options tab)

Hey, thanks for responding, but I have attempted to do something of the sort, but I have not had any luck. Even when changing the folder name to that, I end up with the same error.