I Can't figure out how to uninstall windows steam

I Can’t figure out how to uninstal windows steam. Steam was working at first once I got wine and lutris. But when I download some games next time I restarted my computer I end up with a black screen from steam.
like this issue: Lutris wine steam black screen

In the process of trying to fix that I discovered steam proton would let me play all the games I wanted to anyways. But I had already downloaded windows steam and a bunch of games.
I can’t unistall the games inside steam since I can’t access steams Interface. And I can’t figure out how uninstall the windows steam anyways. Although, If I have to I can go the nuclear options and just back up everything else and wipe the OS and reinstall it. I would prefer not having to spend a day or two reconfiguring my machine. I also probably won’t use lutris again if I have to resort to that.

I found this page: Lutris remove steam
It gives me a little bit of an idea of what I might need to do. But, I am not sure if I can just do the last step mentioned there? Or if I also need to do some of the the other things the OP tried like Deconnecting the account?

I also have the linux version of steam installed and it works it that is relevent.
Pop! OS 12.10, Intel i5 processor, Mesa Intel® UHD Graphics 620 (KBL GT2)

Alternatively, Helping me figure out my black screen issue would be okay so I could at least uninstall the games there I can run through proton. But, preferably I would just unistall it and just use lutris for managing my linux games and emulator games.

Overall, I am semi-new to linux. only been using it really as an exclusive OS for a couple months. I had like a linux machine and a windows machine for like about a year and a half?

If I understand correctly, you have installed steam through lutris and then from that steam installed some games.

If that is correct, you just need to delete the folder or tell lutris to delet the installation which us essentially the same.

The whole package is installed in one folder (a windows folder structure + the steam installation) the games are probably installed in that package,

Thanks I am going to try that. I couldn’t find the place to tell lutris to unistall that. But, I think I might be able to find the steam folder and delete it. I can’t I will make another message.