Lutris remove steam

Hello, I linked my steam account to my lutris account and now I can’t seem to remove it. I basically want a fresh start. I can run most of my steam games through steam. So having two huge games lists is pointless. I have unlinked my steam account, uninstalled lutris and they always come back. I’ve even tried manually deleting them. Currently I have a fresh install of lutris. I havent even logged into my account… Their still their.

Sorry, I forgot to add that I am running POP OS. 20.04

Can anyone help me?

close lutris, find the .config/lutris folder, rename or delete the folder.

I have tried that, still nothing.

I figured it out. Guess I was deleting wrong directory, I had two Lutris Folders.

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Oh thats cool, have fun with Lutris and your games