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Battlefield V Terrible FPS


Hey all, I’m using Manjaro 18 - I have a GTX 1080ti and 8700k cpu

I’ve installed the lutris script for origin/battlefield V - Then downloaded battlefield V and ran it.

My framerate is super-choppy and I can’t seem to work out what the problem is…

I’ve enabled Esync

I’ve got the DXVK config file being loaded in the environment variables

I have NVIDIA 390.87 installed

Any clues in the right direction from here would be really amazing as Battlefield 5 is literally the only thing I have to return to Windows for now.

Also, I don’t know if this is a clue or is related but I have dxvk hug set to 1 - but I get no framerate data on my screen in-game.

Thanks in advance people!


Hey, i am running the game without issues. Take a look here maybe that helps.

I am on a “real” archlinux with Kernel 4.20 and mesa 18.3.1.

I played with RX 580 and a RTX 2070 just fine.

I have a VEGA 64 in my Mail, i will report back how the FPS increased over the RX580 and RTX 2070.

btw. latest nvidia driver is the 410.93.


Update the video driver


Okay so I decided to purge all nvidia drivers etc. and start afresh from console. Turns out my newest driver is 415.25, so I have that now.

Then I re-installed origin via Lutris battlefield V installer.

NOW it’s much better - is it normal for it to start with lots of stutters then slowly improve? Is it caching something as I play?


Shaders probably.


Cheers! Any idea how i can make it run in 1440 p instead of either 1080 or 4k? There’s no 1440p option in-game


No, I don’t have the game.


You might want to try to switch through fullscreen/windowed/borderless mode in the graphic settings. As this game is played in a virtual WINE desktop, some games can’t get the resolution right. On another window/fullscreen mode, they do. (Source: I play this game on 1440p)

Also check twice if your virtual desktop also has your desired resolution :slight_smile:


In Fullscreen i can choose every available resolution my display provides. I can go 1080p, 1440p or 4k.
I am playing this game on all low in 4k with about 80-120 fps. On 1440p with about 90-120fps and in 1080p with almost always over 100fps.

Asus Prime X470
R7 2700X
Vega 64


Thanks Troll, I actually have a 4k monitor and playing at 4k would likely not be ideal for framerates since I play on windows at 1440p.


Yeah see, I have a 4k too, but I can’t select anything on the wine monitor between 1080p and 4k…


What if you try tkg-3.21 instead of the protonified version?


Mh, thats odd, i did not have such problems, i will do some screenshots when i am back at home.