World of Warcraft Battlenet log in hanging

Hi Guy’s. I am running Garuda Linux. I have the latest install of Lutris. I ran the install script for World of Warcraft and everything installed without errors. My issue is that when the login screen opens and I enter my creds, I get no launch button. I only see a flashing and spinning logo.

  1. preferences->global options->enable Advanced at top->if vulkan ICD loader says unspecified, fix this
  2. make sure you have no proxy servers or firewalls
  3. read the pinned message - thousands of reasons why BNet plays silly buggers, but without any debug info, hard to tell whether it is bnet being bnet or you actually have an issue
  4. make sure you do not have amdvlk package installed - it is an option installing steam
  5. BNet needs all the 32 bit wine and vulkan dependencies installed - lutris github has a few guides for installing these in the Wiki section, along with other hints on bnet not launching


As OJ1 said, hard to tell the reason withont ldebug info, but you may need to define (depending on your wine version used by your launcher),
WINE_SIMULATE_WRITECOPY = 1 in Configuration > system options > environnement variables.

Please check stopped working (cannot login) after latest update on Nov 30,2023 before to see if it is related to your issue.

I had a similar issue to yours just now. I managed to fix it by reinstalling battle net and switching to the latest version of wine-ge

The particular env variable you reference is not required if you use wine-ge-8-26 as the runner for - it is also the default runner for lutris 0.5.16 which is the current support version. If you have this variable in place and switch to 8-26, make sure you delete it as it can have unexpected results with bnet