[ working fix ] [ Bethesda net launcher + Fallout 76 ] as of 1/24/19 7:07 AM

So using this script to install BNetLauncher and 76 prereqs
at https://lutris.net/games/fallout-76/
If you get the issue where the installer refuses to actually download a game resulting in an error saying
“Error getting product info please check network connection and try again” even after running the Helper.sh bash script as instructed Here is how to fix it : D

1: Start a terminal in the folder where the script is drag and drop the script into the terminal and type run on the end and hit enter, it will say its waiting for the bethesda net launcher to run,

2:run the bethesda net launcher through lutris as usual

3: before you click install right click Fallout 76 and choose “Run EXE inside wine prefix” and choose BethesdaNetUpdater.exe

4: Wait about 5 seconds and then click the Install button, you should now be greeted with a new window asking where to install, choose the default location and it will begin downloading : D enjoy :slight_smile:

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Still receiving same error on Ubuntu 18.04… hmm

I found your post and even though I didn’t have to use your exact method, it lead me in the right direction. I didn’t even realize there was a helper.sh script in the install directory until you posted this. Once I realized that all I had to do was execute that script while the bethesda launcher was running, click install and poof, error gone and download started.

I still get the “Error getting product info please check network connection and try again” message both running and not running the helper.sh script alongside the launcher, and both running BethesdaNetUpdater.exe and not running BethesdaNetUpdater.exe prior to clicking the “INSTALL” button.

I’ve tried with Lutris’ default wine (tkg-4.0-x86_64), Steam’s Proton 4.2, and system wine (4.7-staging).

It all still comes back to “Error getting product info please check network connection and try again”.

Any clues what to look for would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Turns out I just needed to manually remove the cdpprod.dch file and everything fell into place. :man_shrugging: Not sure why the helper.sh didn’t handle this, but eh, I’m good now. Let’s see if the game will run/work…

^^^ Above not working ^^^^

going to go off of latest : Fallout 76 will not install