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Witcher 3 crackling audio in intro movies

I installed GOG Witcher 3 (manually like here Very Brief tutorial on manually installing a game in Lutris), it seems to work, but the sound is crackling at least in the intro movies (the game itself seems to be fine so far), such as before the main menu and when starting new game or after finishing training in the beginning of the game. Tried different Wine and Proton versions, PulseAudio latency and restart options. Is it normal?

UPD: bought the game in Steam (not just because of that, but also because it didn’t work via GOG Galaxy, so no features like achievements and cloud saves), the same issue.

PulseAudio configs:

Not sure if it’s related, but video clips usually aren’t played with the game engine but with some codec; which may cause issue if the codec doesn’t run well in Wine. You might be able to fix it by installing some codecs in Winetricks… or you may break it completely that way, can’t say for sure :smiley:

Winetricks? I see only wme9 here, also tried to install mpc and vlc. No difference :frowning:

Ah, found codecs in the menu after Install application —> OK, but still no effect :frowning:
Also wmp9/wmp10 fail to install for some reason, not sure where to see logs.