Where is lutris library data stored?

I would like to backup the runners I made for all of my games. Where on ones linux system will they be stored. I tried searching my home folder and I ha no luck. I want to do a backup so my runner data such as the game name, year, command/executable, banner image, icon and so on is backed up. I am not interested in backing up the wine prefixes o any games themselves.

All configs are stored in dotfiles/folders (starting with . character), which are hidden in file managers by default. Most modern-ish apps store configs either in ~/.config/ or in ~/.local/share/ (to reduce $HOME cluttering).

Specifically for Lutris, game config files are stored in ~/.config/lutris/games/ (system config is in ~/.config/lutris/system.yml), banner images are cached in ~/.local/share/lutris/banners/, and the DB file that ties it all up together (and contains more system-specific stuff like game folder) is ~/.local/share/lutris/pga.db. The last one is in SQLite (binary) format; you can print its text equivalent in console by running sqlite3 pga.db .dump in the same folder.

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Thank you!

What is the ~/.local/share/lutris/coverart and ~/.local/share/lutris/covers folders for? Can you add a cover image to your games?

Also where are the icons stored for lutris games?

Apparently it has something to do with game panel background. Release info for Lutris v0.5.0 says:

  • Game information and actions are now displayed in a panel on the right side.
    Coverart fetching for the panel will be added in a future release, until then
    cover art files can be placed in ~/.local/share/lutris/coverart/[game-identifier].jpg

According to sources, they’re cached in the user’s icon folder (~/.local/share/icons/hicolor/128x128/)

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Thank you

Where is the game metadata stored? Such as the game title and year. The /home/USERNAME/.config/lutris/games/GAME-1234567890.yml files only contain the runner type, and where the game is stored such as the rom file, appimage or the wine prefix and exe file.

In the DB file

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