Vanguard in League of Legends

I just enjoy the casual game of League of Legends and I have just seen this DEV video:

At min 12:12, they start talking about how they will implement Vanguard next season, running at the kernel level. How big of a problem will this new anti-cheat implementation present?

Thank you for any answer, cause my knowledge is far from sophisticated on this topic.

Vanguard has prevented a wine version from being made for Valorant. So I hate to say it but the future of lol for wine is likely nonexistent


note that mac players won’t have to install vanguard cause ring 0 anticheats arent available on said platform

Are we sure that they won’t just be dropping mac support. As it stands they only support the x86 macs and the newest OSX version they officially support is 3 years old (10.14 not even 10.15) at this point?

rito will probably end up facing legal issues if they do that, ot at least face the anger of mac players

Wait, they would go out of their way and keep supporting Mac, while Linux is dropped? How different can the share of the Linux player base be from Mac?

riot has never supported linux, they don’t give a shit about us at all, they support mac even tho there’s statistically less players on mac than linux

HI, i’m pretty new to linux and i wanted to ask if somebody can explain me which are the problems in implementing vanguard in wine.

I also saw this new technology called “unikernel” which “virtualize” the kernel and its apps (halfway between Virtual machines and Containers) (; maybe there is a way to create this Windows unikernel “package” with League of Legends + Vanguard anticheat.

Please correct me if i’m wrong <3

vanguard uses a ring 0 driver which is not possible to install in WINE cause it’s a driver that loads with the windows kernel.
riot doesn’t want to port vanguard nor lol to linux; therefore as soon as the update drops, lol will be unplayable on linux since we use the windows binaries thru WINE to play.
our only hope is either that rito cancels that AC update, or we wait for compatibility tools like darling to play the MacOS version, which doesn’t have Vanguard because mac doesn’t allow such spyware tool to work

Just as a warning:
I got a permaban May last year for playing in a VM which has worked for years. So I recommend not doing that if you value your accounts. I never made a secret out of that, so they have support logs from at least 3 years telling them that I was playing on a VM and they did not bother to warn me that it will be illegal in the future. I also did not use any detection prevention measures. That’s why I had to use an AMD graphics card at that time I configured this setup.

MI played since the Beta. So Rito really does not give a shit in this department.

Well, now I am free.

i’ve played in a VM and with WINE and never got my acc banned, rito allowed using VMs to play LoL so i don’t see why you’d get banned

the thing about mac makes me wonder, can’t we use the way mac version of league will connect despite vanguard to make it run on linux?

the development of tools like darling is too early to do such thing unless more contributors join them.
if you bypass the anticheat on the windows build you’ll probably get banned.

well, if they don’t do anything regarding linux players, which let’s be honest is more than probable, that will be the only thing left to do. To be honest, I’ll probably just give up on the game and go back to Heroes Of the Storm or Dota 2

same i’ll just uninstall lol, fuck riot

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The ban is delayed by up to several months, I assume that they just do 2 ban waves per year or so.

How I found out:
When I got support confirmation that it was in deed a real permanent ban for 3rd party software I stopped playing on the second account. And it took several months for that account to get a perma ban too.

For science reasons in case some people are ready to burn their accounts:
I used QEMU KVM with GPU passthrough on a Threadripper. Guest OS WIn10. Want more details just ask. I can post the full VM setup if anyone is interested. The Virtualization was in fact os accurate that I could reproduce the performance issues LoL has with AMD’s hype threading implementation. I had to set it to 1 thread per core to stop those stutters.

i’ve been playing LoL in a VM and on WINE for over 2 years and never got a single account sanction,
i run a tiny11 VM with QEMU/KVM with Gpu Passthru as well.
the vm is hidden from most detection methods, never got any problem besides the launcher that’s absolute dogshit even on its NATIVE PLATFORM

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I take that as a confirmation of my theory:
If I was cheating I still wouldn’t be banned because then I would have taken those measures too.

But my line of thinking was:
Hey, I am honest why should I bother with this?
Just use the AMD card and be fully transparent about it. Reasonable people will be reasonable.

And as for the unreasonable ones: Well, fuck em you don’t wanna deal with them anyways.

And well it worked for years, that’s why It took me a ticket and 2 banned accounts to realize:
Well, they either changed the rules or improved their detection or both (=My setup just flew under the radar even if I did not try to by stealthy at all. But the uncaring or untrained personnel looking at the logs did not bother or have the authority.).

The thing is I just stopped bothering with the ticket after I got the same corpo pasta for the second time that basically said:
“We won’t tell you anything, as that would help others prevent detection.”

So much for being reasonable and transparent.

Uh, forget:
It took the 2nd account mostly because I had the same logic:
“It couldn’t have been the VM I have been playing this for years and they must know it.
It must be The VM I used because of connection issues. So I just use another account while I resolve this.”

But when they refused to even confirm that, I smelled danger and stopped using the others account. Well, did not help I later got confirmation of the ban of the other account too. That for absolutely certain only used the VM.