Ubisoft Connect - Unable to connect


I’m trying to install the Division 2 via Lutris, I have the Uplay version.
When installing it asks me to install Uplay.
After installing Uplay and The division, Lutris launches Ubisoft Connect but my login are indicated as incorrect.
I checked and yet everything is fine.

Have you ever had the problem?

Thanking you for your help.

It’s ok

after re install

I don’ knox how clore this ticket :frowning:

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Can you launch and play The Division 2 (!) via Lutris/UPlay?

Did you try:

Of course, but it only installs uplay anyway, right? It fails to install necessary dotnet via this way, but I can install uplay via lutris and then install TD2 via uplay, but then it fails to launch (missing/errornuous easy anti cheat support?)

There is a setting for EAC, but I don’t have this game to test.

… and what’s the setting?

Sorry, it seems the information on that is not too clear.

There seems to be a work around using steam:

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You may want to give that a try.

can you point me to the source? I couldn’t find anything … (only The Division is working, but not The Division 2)

I copied the wrong link here is the correct one.