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Wine EAC

Morning, everyone,
I see we can now run the EAC anti-cheating system.

Where can I find Wine-eac please? I can’t find him.
How to install it in Lutris please?
Thank you!

I found it:
How to install it please?

It’s currently broken. There’s no timeline on when, or if it will be fixed. You’ll just have to wait.

But I will say if you don’t know how to build it, you shouldn’t be testing it even if it does start working again. This is in PRE-alpha stage, and is not ready for the general public to start testing it. That’s why you never saw TKG or GE create packages and publicly release them on GitHub, even though they BOTH created packages for us to test with. It’s. Not. Read.y. For. General. Use.

Right now you have no choice, because it’s broken, but like I said, even if it gets fixed and starts working again, it’s not ready for the general public, especially people that don’t know how to build it themselves. Trust me on that.