Test installer draft?


I have the three first Mass effect on DVD and I see only steam installer version on the webisite.
So I tried to create an installer on the web site but, after I clicked on saved draft its diseappeared, and no way to find my draft :frowning:

I saw a another subject about a draft made with the software

but I use the 0.4.14 version and i can’t the see the test installer button

I missing something ?

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I’m guessing one of the other moderators removed it… Could you rewrite it? Sorry for the inconvenience.

After you’ve saved a draft you can reenter the edit page and there should be a “Test this installer” button next to the rest.


Additionally there is also a way to do it via terminal if you wish.

This is just an example: lutris game-name?revision=9191

the draft was a test so there is no problem to rewrite it :slight_smile:

ah it’s must be there I missed something, because I can’t see this link :frowning:

bah, I will test with the terminal my drafts first.
Thanks you for the solution I founded a another one in the lutris doc :slight_smile:
lutris -i /path/to/json.file

I created a new draft and checked for clicking the correct button ( save draft ), the draft is send to moderation team :expressionless: and I can’t see it anymore :frowning:

In add when I try a local installer each time I have the message

Missing field “runner” in install script"

As in this conversation

No, it’s there. It’s hidden by default you just have to click “show unpublished installers”.


Are you finished editing it? I could publish it just make sure it actually works.

oohhhhhh :roll_eyes:

-go kill myself-

i am making a numeros of test to be sure the installer works