How test Installer Draft in Lutris 0.4.8?

As in the topic how can i do that? Acording to the Lutris changelog this is possible. Cheers

Oh, right, I forgot to re-activate the “Test installer” button in the installer form after the 0.4.8 release!

Note that you have to save the installer before testing it (either Save as draft or Submit to moderation)

Thanks for reply, so this will be available in next release?

Nope, it’s available right now.

Hi @strider , when saving as Draft there’s no option to test installer(edit: there is but after second “save”_, that’s why I submitted CounterStrike2D and Yo Frankie! instalers few times but the last ones are working right. Also, would be beter to make a new game entry for Lugaru HD - OOS version ( or only new installer like I already did (not tested yet)? Cheers.