Starcraft Anthology issue

I just installed starcraft 1.18 through lutris. Everything seemed to have gone smoothly, but I can’t connect to Any ideas?

Have you tried disabling the runtime?

Sorry, I’m not sure what that means/how to do that.

Ah I figured it out. Needed to go into runners -> wine -> configure -> advanced.

Exactly, but that will disable the runtime for all wine games (which is fine as long as you have the dependencies installed on your system).

You can also disable it for Starcraft only:

So the lutris “runtime” is actually more of an environment with pre-packaged deps rather than a background process?

yeah, it’s basically a set of libraries provided so that they don’t have to be installed on the system.

There’s an issue with it that causes connection problems with or Uplay, still have to find out what it is.