Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - DirectX install failing

When downloading/installing Jedi Fallen Order through Origin, the installation fails when the download percentage hits “Playable” and Origin attempts to “Finalize” the installation. The error (327682:11) also comes up on a lot of Apex Legends and Titanfall 2 issues, and appears to be related to DirectX installation, particularly for Respawn games.

The Lutris Origin troubleshooting docs ( have a section on “Directx fails to install when finalizing a download”, which definitely seems applicable. However, removing the cab files did not work for me like it did with Titanfall 2 (Titanfall 2 does not install on origin).

Removing the cabs after the 327682:11 error hits allows the game to be updated, downloading the second half. However, attempting to launch brings up a dialog that says “There is a problem with your game’s setup. Please reinstall your game.”

Searching for that error message results in lots of vague hits that all seem to point back to a DirectX issue.

So the question is, is there a way to fix the DirectX setup directly in my Lutris/WINE configuration so that by the time Origin sees it, everything is fine?

I tried copying a bunch of DirectX DLLs from my working Titanfall 2 (completely separate Origin install) to JFO’s system32, but that was a long shot and didn’t work.

Running WineHQ 4.18 Staging, DXVK version 1.4.5

Output of lutris -d from just before JFO launch to after presentation of the error:

The only real error I see in the log is about ntlm…

Apologies for letting this thread die. EA’s 24-hour return policy meant I had to return the game before being able to try anything else, and they only allow one more refundable purchase after that so I was waiting until I had more data and potential options to try again.

@tfk I did see that in the log, but ntlm_auth is a Microsoft authentication protocol, so at the time I dismissed it as a log complaint but not something critical to the installation of DirectX. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to check with winbind before returning the game.

This time around I bought the Steam copy, installed the Windows Steam runner in Lutris, and then installed the game from there. (The Windows Steam runner is needed because of the Origin link).

It had no issues with the DirectX installation. A number of variables have changed since my original post though: since then, I’ve upgraded from Debian Stretch+Buster backports to Buster, and I’m using the Windows Steam Lutris runner instead of a typical Lutris Origin install.

My recommendation to anyone else who finds this thread via googling is to check your log for an error about winbind - if that’s messed up, try fixing it and post your findings. I’m still curious if that was what was causing the original Origin install to barf. Otherwise, I’d say buy the Steam version, because that appears to sidestep the issue entirely.