Star trek starfleet command 2 orion pirates

Hi guys, I can play SFCOP , but everytime crashes… i can play on mission and the other crashes… someone can help me??

log output:

Running /home/gustavo/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/lutris-5.6-2-x86_64/bin/wine /home/gustavo/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Taldren Software Inc/Starfleet Command Orion Pirates/SFCOP.exe
Initial process has started with pid 8161
Game is considered started.
Initial process has exited.
wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to C4F80504 at address C4F80504 (thread 003e), starting debugger…
Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0xc4f80504 in 32-bit code (0xc4f80504).
Register dump:
CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:0063 GS:006b
EIP:c4f80504 ESP:0032fdc8 EBP:0032fe40 EFLAGS:00010212( R- – I -A- - )
EAX:04abfff6 EBX:06ef6e01 ECX:04ab0038 EDX:06ef6cb8
ESI:06ef6cb8 EDI:06ef6d70
Stack dump:
0x0032fdc8: 00713fc0 06ef6cb8 0071c919 06ef6cb8
0x0032fdd8: 06ef6d70 06ef6cb8 06ef6e24 06ef6d14
0x0032fde8: 06ef6cb8 0032fe04 00791225 00000005
0x0032fdf8: 0071b60a 06ef6cb8 06ef6cb8 0032fe34
0x0032fe08: 007910b8 ffffffff 005d3c12 06ef6cb8
0x0032fe18: 005efef1 00000001 06ef6cb8 05a1c9ec
=>0 0xc4f80504 (0x0032fe40)
1 0x005efe4c EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in starfleetop (0x0032fe78)
2 0x005ef81f EntryPoint+0xffffffff() in starfleetop (0x0032ff20)
3 0x7b4521d9 in kernel32 (+0x321d8) (0x0032ff48)
4 0x7b452674 in kernel32 (+0x32673) (0x0032ffd8)
5 0x7b4521ea in kernel32 (+0x321e9) (0x0032ffec)
0xc4f80504: – no code accessible –
Module Address Debug info Name (42 modules)
PE 400000- c86000 Export starfleetop
PE 1910000- 1981000 Deferred met_1scout.scr
PE 10000000-10007000 Deferred osspecific98
PE 21100000-2115d000 Deferred mss32
PE 69240000-69381000 Deferred dxvk_config
PE 7a840000-7a849000 Deferred opengl32
PE 7b020000-7b03c000 Deferred kernelbase
PE 7b420000-7b5f1000 Export kernel32
PE 7bc30000-7bc47000 Deferred ntdll
PE 7c980000-7c986000 Deferred uxtheme
PE 7cf30000-7cf35000 Deferred winex11
PE 7cfe0000-7d00d000 Deferred dbghelp
PE 7d060000-7d06c000 Deferred dinput
PE 7d0c0000-7d0c5000 Deferred dsound
PE 7d150000-7d15a000 Deferred wined3d
PE 7d2b0000-7d2b5000 Deferred ddraw
PE 7d320000-7d327000 Deferred iphlpapi
PE 7d350000-7d357000 Deferred ws2_32
PE 7d390000-7d410000 Deferred winmm
PE 7d460000-7d46e000 Deferred winspool
PE 7d4b0000-7d4b6000 Deferred imm32
PE 7d4f0000-7d4f7000 Deferred wsock32
PE 7d510000-7d514000 Deferred usp10
PE 7d570000-7d5c6000 Deferred comctl32
PE 7d6b0000-7d6ba000 Deferred aclui
PE 7d700000-7d72d000 Deferred ole32
PE 7d840000-7d846000 Deferred shcore
PE 7d870000-7d882000 Deferred shlwapi
PE 7d8f0000-7e1ec000 Deferred shell32
PE 7e300000-7e3ad000 Deferred comdlg32
PE 7e420000-7e42e000 Deferred gdi32
PE 7e570000-7e57d000 Deferred rpcrt4
PE 7e600000-7e60d000 Deferred advapi32
PE 7e6a0000-7e6c8000 Deferred ucrtbase
PE 7e790000-7e795000 Deferred version
PE 7e7b0000-7e7c9000 Deferred setupapi
PE 7e850000-7e944000 Deferred user32
PE 7ea60000-7ea63000 Deferred wow64cpu
PE f3500000-f350e000 Deferred oleaut32
PE f4d40000-f4d44000 Deferred winepulse
PE f4d80000-f4d85000 Deferred mmdevapi
PE f4dc0000-f4dd5000 Deferred msvcrt
process tid prio (all id:s are in hex)
0000000e services.exe
00000027 0
0000001a 0
00000013 0
00000010 0
0000000f 0
00000011 plugplay.exe
00000017 0
00000016 0
00000012 0
00000018 winedevice.exe
0000001e 0
0000001d 0
0000001c 0
0000001b 0
00000019 0
00000025 winedevice.exe
0000002a 0
00000029 0
00000028 0
00000026 0
0000002b explorer.exe
0000002f 0
0000002e 0
0000002d 0
0000002c 0
0000003d (D) C:\Program Files (x86)\Taldren Software Inc\Starfleet Command Orion Pirates\StarfleetOP.exe
[“C:\Program Files (x86)\Taldren Software Inc.\Starfleet Command Orion Pirates\StarfleetOP.exe”]
00000057 0
0000004d 15
0000004c 0
0000004b 0
00000044 0
00000040 15
0000003e 0 <==
System information:
Wine build: wine-5.6.1.r0.g4c160ec8 ( TkG Staging Esync Fsync Vkd3d DXVK-Compatible )
Platform: i386 (WOW64)
Version: Windows 7
Host system: Linux
Host version: 5.4.0-26-generic
Game is considered exited.
All monitored processes have exited.
Exit with returncode 0

I recently participated in getting Starfleet Command III to work. It could be the same engine so maybe the same settings work?

I’m running this one as a Windows 10 prefix BTW.

Interesting, SFCOP+ works just fine in wine for me, using the patches from hot n spicy

And a vid of it running on my laptop