[Solved] Games no longer start, lutris stuck saying "launching"


After starting lutris, I got an error message saying my nvidia drivers are not up to date.
Clicked anyway on launch game, but it stays there saying “launching” without actually launching the game.
Closed lutris. It says game is running. closed lutris anyway.
Then another day, installed nvidia 418 drivers.
started lutris. No message about outdated drivers.
tried to launch game but it still says launching without actually doing a thing.

games are gta 5 and witcher 3.

I’ve to wine stating 4.6 when doing an update of the system.
Didn’t change a thing in the game or lutris configurations.


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Problem fixed. I had the opensuse ppa. I’ve noticed that on your download page there’s a different ppa. So removed the opensuse ppa, installed your ppa, updated, it installed new version of lutris and now it works.