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[Solved] Fallout 76 Issue(s) Discussion

Holy crap… Yaaa I think I’ll just wait lol. At the very least I can play the game. Just gotta deal with my dude being deaf lol.

Does anyone know if the solution to issue two was integrated with steam yet? If not could you shortly explain this symlinked process?

Dear @tus30345 I can recommend a very good book called The Linux Command Line by William E. Shotts. This book explains how to set symlinks a lot better than I can, it also has an additional benefit everything you want to know about the Command Line.

EDIT: Nevermind, I’ve fixed it, no idea how though.

With issue 1, It did fix my issue of having my mouse stop at the left border of the window, I have a dual monitor setup on both 1920x1080. However how can this be solved whilst having the second monitor active?

try fiddling with bBackgroundMouse ini command for FO76 and also mess with winecfg mouse capture setting on and off. You can also try running game in fullscreen borderless mode, lots of things you can do. Usining tkg-4.6-prononified prefix might also help.

I do still get this issue myself with certain games but messing with one of these things usually fixes it (by trying settings either on or off).

I’ve managed to find and easy fix with the sound issue.

With the sound, you just have to copy and paste some dlls to the system32 folder in the fallout 76 windows folders.

Get them from here

faudio-19.01.tar.xz and after that extract it. Inside the extracted folder there will be a x64 folder, get in, copy all de dll files inside and paste them in /home/[YourName]/Games/fallout-76/drive_c/windows/system32/
That should solve the audio issues.

Oh a last thing, to make sure the download starts and does not get bugged make sure to put this command each time you start the bethesda-launcher (not needed when launching fallout76.exe)
Command: cd “/home/[YourName]/Games/fallout-76/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/ Launcher” && rm cdpprod.dch

Everytime [YourName] is used here, change it entirely (remove the brackets too) for your user name.

I think that’s all. After doing all that after a install sound works for me as good as fallout 4. I hope it can help people.