Render problem in Gwent from GOG_GALAXY (from Lutris)


I was testing another way to play Gwent. I installed GOG Galaxy first with Lutris, after that Gwent, and then the game is Launched, but with graphics errors. I’m sure that is CD Project issue, but maybe you can help in this.

It is possible set some argument or something to render well?

*I had another ticket talking about the Gwent script (may can be useful this)

How did you not get a blackscreen after loading? Any fix for that? Have you tried with DXVK?

I could play with DXVK enabled from the config. I used the manual install for Gwent to choose the installation in folder.
The game has glitches, but seems playable

I think i didn’t needed. I was installing a lot of things before, but i remember that i was able to get this screen without dxvk, maybe is for my machine:
notebook msi; i7; Nvidia 1050; Ubuntu 18.10 and installing in x64.

i only install gog from lutris, that solves the communication error and later gwent.

*i have normal wine from snap, just in case

Dime lo en Español para que te entiendo mejor.

Tell me in Spanish so I understand you better.

What GPU driver do you have? nvidia-smi te enseña la versión.


  • primero tenia en Lutris lo de instalar Gwent, q deja el recuadri como deshabilitado si falla,
  • luego instalé Gog con otro script, me fue Ok
    – desde gog pude instalar gwent, pero la ejec. daba fallos.
  • use el primer recuadro de gwent, cn boton derecho, configurar,
    selecciona el gwent.exe y el “wine prefix”, y en la 2/3a pestaña se puede activar lo del “dxvk”

Y nunca recibiste una pantalla negra? Eso es mi problemo ahorita. Llega hasta al login screen y falla entrar al main menu.

No necesitabas hacer nada?

And you never got a black screen? That’s my problem at the moment. It gets to the login screen and fails to open the main menu.

You didn’t need to do anything?

Creo que el driver 415.18 tiene problemas con juegos de Unity. Si usas ese driver de Nvidia te recomiendo que usas el 396.54.09 o espera hasta que el ppa recibe 415.22.

I think the 415.18 driver has problems with Unity games. If you use that Nvidia driver I recommend you use 396.54.09 or wait until the ppa adds 415.22.

I am pretty sure that is right. Today I was doing tests with new nvidia driver (v415 - auto installed by ubuntu) and most games started to fail, so at the moment, at least for me, is better nvidia-390 to play.

Thanks for the advicee!

Can anyone confirm if Gwent works with NVIDIA 415.27 driver?

I can start the game and get the initial loading screen, but as soon as it should display the main menu it just turns into a black screen.

I tried it with and without DXVK - it doesn’t make a difference.