Gwent Not install on GOG_galaxy

With the Lutris “script” for install Gwent I can’t download the game. As we can see in the picutre, an error about Not Compatible is shown.
With the snap GOG_GALAXY it does (but crashes in others parts: directx11, one .exe, etc.).
After close the window of gog_g the runner search one file, but the game files doesn’t exists.

Please, can you fix it?. :slight_smile:

I have the exact same problem. When I try to “verify” the installation, it does not start, it just says “Not Compatible” like in the picture above. When it tries to open Gwent.exe, it does not exists and it fails.

What cam be done?

I found one solution. Read this:

with the last drivers (415.23) and dxvk it works perfect for me :slight_smile: