Problem with runtime

I try to run new game with wine runner, but i have some problem.
To check if problem not with my system libs i turn off option “Prefer system libraries”, but now i have an strange error
005d:err:module:load_builtin_dll failed to load .so lib for builtin L"WLDAP32.dll": cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
but files ~/.local/share/lutris/runtime/lib64/ and ~/.local/share/lutris/runtime/lib32/ exists
Option “Disable Lutris Runtime” is off.

I think i found why wine not see
If i turn off option “Prefer system libraries” wine lunch with

If turn on

But in both case paths ~/.local/share/lutris/runtime/lib64/ or ~/.local/share/lutris/runtime/lib32/ not include in LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Is it a bug or it work correct?

If I’m not mistaken, those are libraries used by Lutris itself, and “Prefer system libraries” is the preference for using libraries packaged with the game/runner instead. (Although this is merely a surmise.) But even if these are actually libraries for the Linux game runner, I don’t think they have anything to do with the Wine runner…

If i right understand it’s more likely problem of wine runner (tkg-protonifief-4.6-x86_64), that this libraries was not include in it.
I try ge-faudio-protonified-4.8-x86_64, it don’t have this error, but game not start too and internal log of game shorter.
From wine i find only 3 errors
0025:err:shell:SHGetFolderPathAndSubDirW Failed to create directory L"C:\users\nemos\\0420\0430\0431\043e\0447\0438\0439 \0441\0442\043e\043b".
0055:err:winediag:wined3d_dll_init Forcing sample count to 0. This may not be compatible with all applications.
0098:err:mscoree:CLRRuntimeInfo_GetRuntimeHost Wine Mono is not installed

full log from lutris -d -

…The error says it tries to create a directory called Рабочий стол (“Desktop” in russian) but somehow fails to translate it from unicode to Windows system encoding. Perhaps setting/unsetting russian locale will fix it?

Yes it’s mine mistake, to switch all error message to english i use LANG=C, it’s create some problem
with LANG=en_US.utf8 this error is gone.
But game start with black screen as early and game log shorter then with tkg-protonifief-4.6-x86_64.
New lutris log -
As it have shorter log i can assume that there are some patches in tkg build, which was not included in ge build.
If it help game is ue4 based and it’s log -

The problem that not all libs, which are needed, included in tkg is a bug or no?
If it a bug where i must report it?

Is there a way to get all sources (include patches) of tkg build and build it on my system to solve problem with libs?

I can’t find anything regarding Linux libraries in either log. More likely than not, the problem lies elsewhere. The error at the end of the second log says there’s a problem in some video playback code or something, so maybe what you need to do is to try installing some codecs in Winetricks…

Again my mistake i give only errors desription in first post that now hide, no full log when use “tkg-protonifief-4.6-x86_64”.
Full lutris log with “Prefer system libraries” off here
With “Prefer system libraries” on here
With option on game start, but only black screen, and it log here

Second log says it can’t find in your system (for audio) but not much beside that. The third log says it fails to render because it can’t find resource files (sfmgr.umap, apparently, but also a bunch of other files, from what I can tell). Considering there’s a bunch of “connection refused” mentions in the second log, it may be the case that the game failed to download files necessary to play. There is also a (probably low) possibility that builtin DirectX11 implementation not working with the game (in which case you’ll need to install native one via Winetricks), but I believe checking out first two possibilities is more likely to help.

  1. If i create symlink -> (that my system have) wine say that can find (which i don’t have in any version)
    But question is another, I think that lutris come with it own runtime libs to be independent from system and be maximum compatible with any linux distro.
    Is it so or no?

  2. Error that can’t be found sfmgr.umap not fatal, game is alfa version. Here game log from running under windows 7 (i only load game and exit).

Ah, but there is a fact that you are missing here: Wine is not Lutris. Although, I believe not having dependencies after downloading a standalone binary pack is rather uncommon regardless…

No wonder there’s nothing on WineHQ about it… Alpha versions aren’t known for their stability anyway :smiley:
If that error is not important, then the only thing we have to go by is the error message itself, which says it happened in “rendering thread” (not exactly helpful). Well, there is also the first log message that didn’t end up in the Linux log, so apparently it failed before/during an attempt to load “main menu map”… whatever it might mean. But that isn’t really that much useful.

So, the the only things you can probably do at this point is to check if any files are missing (comparing with Windows install – I assume you have it available and not just a log file which you kept for some reason), attempt to install missing library dependencies, or try your luck with Winetricks DLLs.

  1. WineHQ give only sources, and binary packet give lutris team, build with some additional patches.
    I look in ge-faudio-protonified-4.8-x86_64, it have it’s own
    So most likely it’s lutris issue. If there will be no new info on it, i will report it on weekend. I think it must be here, or it least they will redirect me.

  2. At first i will try to solve problem with dependencies, most likely game don’t have workaround for not init sound subsystem.
    I found git repo with tkg-protonofied source.
    I will try to build it on weekend.

“Prefer system libraries” means relying on your system libraries, does it not?

English is not my native language but i think “Prefer system libraries” mean use system libs if available, if not - use it’s own runtime libs.

Well, I guess that depends on the implementation really… Theirs is rather peculiar, with some additional paths thrown in.

Speaking of which

Wasn’t it looking for instead?
The reason why the version needed isn’t the one installed is probably incompatible library versions (it’s somewhat difficult to ensure all versions are compatible in a binary distributive, I believe… and more so with separately downloaded binary packs).

Yes when run under tkg wine it need
I only show that another wine runner from lutris come with necessary libs.
Different version i assume because they were build on different systems.
And yes different version can have different abi, why better to prefer libs from system where it was build. For it they must be included in wine runner package.

Except they may be incompatible with already existing libraries & software; in which case your only choice is to try and find a subset that actually works. (I remember installing some native action game once which had a huge bunch of libraries packed in, including several Xorg ones… of about 15 major versions below the Xorg server I had installed at the time. Which obviously refused to work with it. So I spent an hour picking a combination of libraries to remove from there so that both the game and the system wouldn’t break… And when I succeeded to run the game, I only managed to get a blank screen.)

There are another choice - build it (tkg wine) from source on my system.

I was able to build tkg-protonified from git, but game crash at start.
Problem not with runtime so i start new topic.