Problem with Epic Store on Debian


I am totally new to lutris and I am trying to install the Epic Store on Debian testing.

I can install it, however when I try to launch it the Epic Store downloads around 400MB of data to update itself, but then the update fails and so I cannot get the Epic Store to run.

Has anyone seem such a behaviour and could give me a tip? Others report that installing the Epic store via lutris is a trivial exercise on their distribution, but unfortunately not for me.

Many thanks!

Did you use the installer script on lutris?

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Make sure you’re using the Lutris provided Wine 5.6 build, mainstream is currently broken

Hi, I have problem with running epic store also. I try to install another time and also don’t work: rundll32 error. I use Elementary OS (ubuntu 18.04).

Edit. OK, I found solution on another thread: