Overwatch fps-drops with Lutris and TKG Wine Version

Game: Overwatch
System: EndeavourOS (Arch-based), KDE, compositor disabled, no vsync, Radeon RX 5700 XT, Mesa driver
Problem: Every Lutris Wine-Version has FPS drops from around 380-400 FPS to 140 FPS, approximately one per second in average (not regularly). The pps-out are also affected. The graph shown with ctrl + shift + n looks like this:


So there are many very stable FPS, and then just nothing for a short period.
The problem occurs with every recent Wine-Version from Lutris and TKG-6.11.r3 from Github. It does not occur with Wine Staging (coming from Arch repo).

It occurs with fsync and esync. I tried several Lutris versions (6.10-1, 6.10-2, 6.10-3, 6.10-7-fshack)
It did not occur with earlier Lutris Wine-Versions (until 6.9 I think), however it did crash often. It almost seems to me, that whatever fixed the crashes introduced the fps-drops in the Lutris builds. As mentioned, this is not affecting staging, though. Staging runs fine, however it has worse performance overall.

Log from lutris -d: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/QVrTP8WPWG/
Log with debugging enabled (got no logs from the normal log, so this is copied from terminal): Ubuntu Pastebin
Lutris-issue-report: Ubuntu Pastebin

Wine-tkg-6.11.r4 solves the issue.