Overwatch crashes immediately after launch

Hello everyone! I’ve installed Overwatch on my Fedora 36 (Nobara Project). Installation was successful, but I can enter menu only after skipping cinematic. Background didn’t loaded, Overwatch tried to load menu, but after that it crashes.

My PC Specs:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad QC9550

GPU: Nvidia GTX 750 ti

RAM: 4GB, DDR2 800mhz, 5-5-5-18, 1.8V

I tried Proton-GE, and Lutris wine, but it doesn’t help for me. Also I read this threads: Overwatch crashes on startup
[Solved]Overwatch general error when using DXVK but it works for iGPU and Discrete GPU, and i have only second.

Thanks you for your help!

I think your card does not support vulkan properly, have you checked that?

No, it definitely supports the VULKAN, I already tested overwatch on Mint and that works. I knew it from GPU’s specification