Origin & Lutris

i5 8400, GTX 1060 6GB non free drivers, 16GB DDR3 1600, DXVK 0.94.
Hi ,
I installed Origin with Lutris.
This is not going to happen.
Error message: unhandled exception page fault on execute access to 0x00000005 in 32 bits code
Can you help me, please?
Thank you in advance.

Sorry, I have Manjaro, kernel 4.19.

Did you also read the web entry on Origin and follow the “please read before installing”?

Yes, I read before installing.

i installed updateorigin.sh.

Unhandled exception: page fault on execute access to 0x00a1de00 in 32-bit code (0x00a1de00).
Register dump:
CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:0063 GS:006b
EIP:00a1de00 ESP:00a1d1e4 EBP:00a1d228 EFLAGS:00010246( R- – I Z- -P- )
EAX:00a1de00 EBX:00a1d400 ECX:00a1d240 EDX:00000001
ESI:00a1d240 EDI:00716c28
Stack dump:
0x00a1d1e4: 00401990 60e088a2 7e679fa0 004429d0
0x00a1d1f4: 7e74d3f8 00a1d220 00a1d47c 7e679fa0
0x00a1d204: 00716c28 00a1d2a4 00404e4b 60e088aa
0x00a1d214: 00a1d298 60e088a2 00a1d298 0043e5a0
0x00a1d224: ffffffff 00a1d2a4 004051c2 60e0882e
0x00a1d234: 00a1de00 00716c28 00443ef8 00000000
=>0 0x00a1de00 (0x00a1d228)
1 0x004051c2 in origin (+0x51c1) (0x00a1d2a4)
2 0x004064a4 in origin (+0x64a3) (0x00a1dd0c)
3 0x00406b2c in origin (+0x6b2b) (0x00a1dd78)
4 0x004263e7 in origin (+0x263e6) (0x00a1fc38)
5 0x0041d449 in origin (+0x1d448) (0x00a1fedc)
6 0x7bcafa38 (0x00a1feec)
7 0x7bcb32d0 (0x00a1ffdc)
8 0x7bcafa2a (0x00a1ffec)
0x00a1de00: xorl %eax,0x0(%eax)
Module Address Debug info Name (44 modules)
PE 400000- 700000 Export origin
PE 7b420000-7b5dc000 Deferred kernel32
PE 7bc40000-7bc57000 Deferred ntdll
PE 7c430000-7c43c000 Deferred mpr
PE 7c460000-7c480000 Deferred wininet
PE 7c4d0000-7c4e3000 Deferred urlmon
PE 7c710000-7c734000 Deferred msxml3
PE 7c7f0000-7c7fe000 Deferred msxml
PE 7c850000-7c856000 Deferred uxtheme
PE 7d0d0000-7d0d6000 Deferred winex11
PE 7d180000-7d26e000 Deferred msvcr120
PE 7d250000-7d28b000 Deferred concrt140
PE 7d270000-7d274000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-locale-l1-1-0
PE 7d280000-7d284000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-filesystem-l1-1-0
PE 7d2a0000-7d2a4000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-time-l1-1-0
PE 7d2b0000-7d2b7000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-math-l1-1-0
PE 7d2c0000-7d2c6000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-stdio-l1-1-0
PE 7d2e0000-7d2e5000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-convert-l1-1-0
PE 7d2f0000-7d2f4000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-heap-l1-1-0
PE 7d300000-7d306000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-string-l1-1-0
PE 7d320000-7d325000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0
PE 7d330000-7d345000 Deferred vcruntime140
PE 7d350000-7d395000 Deferred crypt32
PE 7d420000-7d427000 Deferred wintrust
PE 7d490000-7d495000 Deferred bcrypt
PE 7d4c0000-7d4c6000 Deferred imm32
PE 7d4e0000-7d4e4000 Deferred usp10
PE 7d520000-7d573000 Deferred comctl32
PE 7d660000-7d66a000 Deferred aclui
PE 7d680000-7d692000 Deferred shlwapi
PE 7d700000-7dff4000 Deferred shell32
PE 7e0f0000-7e119000 Deferred ucrtbase
PE 7e210000-7e27d000 Deferred msvcp140
PE 7e300000-7e307000 Deferred ws2_32
PE 7e340000-7e34d000 Deferred rpcrt4
PE 7e3d0000-7e3fd000 Deferred ole32
PE 7e520000-7e52e000 Deferred oleaut32
PE 7e640000-7e646000 Deferred jsproxy
PE 7e660000-7e667000 Deferred winhttp
PE 7e6c0000-7e6c5000 Deferred version
PE 7e6e0000-7e7d3000 Deferred user32
PE 7e8f0000-7e8fd000 Deferred advapi32
PE 7e960000-7e96e000 Deferred gdi32
PE 7ef00000-7ef03000 Deferred wow64cpu
process tid prio (all id:s are in hex)
00000008 (D) C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin\Origin.exe
[“C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin\Origin.exe”]
0000003a 0 <==
00000009 0
0000000e services.exe
00000033 0
00000030 0
0000002b 0
00000023 0
0000001a 0
00000017 0
00000016 0
00000015 0
00000012 0
0000000f 0
00000010 explorer.exe
00000020 0
0000001f 0
0000001e 0
00000011 0
00000013 winedevice.exe
0000001b 0
00000019 0
00000018 0
00000014 0
0000001c OriginWebHelperService.exe
[“C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin\OriginWebHelperService.exe”]
00000039 0
00000038 0
00000036 0
00000034 0
0000002a 0
00000029 0
00000026 0
00000025 0
00000024 0
00000022 2
00000021 2
0000001d 0
00000027 plugplay.exe
0000002d 0
0000002c 0
00000028 0
0000002e winedevice.exe
00000037 0
00000032 0
00000031 0
0000002f 0
0000003d explorer.exe
00000041 0
00000040 0
0000003f 0
0000003e 0
System information:
Wine build: tkg-protonified-3.21-1-g341b86d ( Staging Esync )
Platform: i386 (WOW64)
Version: Windows 10
Host system: Linux
Host version: 4.19.13-1-MANJARO