Need help managing Steam through wine

Hello! I’m LOVING Lutris so far, but now I’m having problems trying to get working Endless Space 2 inside Steam (with wine).
I can see that it’s a 64bit only game, and I can’t manage to make steam inside lutris see the system as 64 bit. I have changed the wine version to 64 bits and so on, but I can see that it’s running under Windows 7 32bit, hence the problems, most probably.
Is there any way to modify the windows version inside lutris? Thank you!

I think WINE creates a 64bit “prefix” by default. See here for more information:

Actually, Lutris creates a WIN32 prefix by default: Winesteam knows I’m on linux, so you’d have to (re-)create it by yourself with the right architecture (see 1st link).