Native lutris fps counter?


Is there a native lutris or dxvk fps counter that works across all games?

Thank you.

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DXVK_HUD=fps in environment variable

this solution only works for DXVK based games.

CTRL+ALT+F shows an FPS counter on Wine-based games in general. For emulators and other stuff, they should have their built-in configurable FPS counters as well…

Re-read his question… My answer is good for him (better than no answer)!

tried the dxvk_hud … and it works.
If the oportunity arises for the ctrl+alt+F situations i"ll try that too.

Hope this thread will help others.

thank very much you all.

there’s also for native games, haven’t tested it but seems like you just need to preload it on anything that uses opengl.

it is discontinued due to the developer having a real life though, but might be a starting point?

actually maybe one could make something preloadable that somehow detects what library the game’s using (there’s pretty much just opengl, sdl and vulkan to care about i think) and count+overlay the fps?

that said, the steam overlay already does this and you can actually preload it on non-steam games, if you want that instead.

If this doesn’t work for me (DXVK-only game, so it must be running with DXVK), what could be my mistake?

If could mean that you don’t have DXVK properly set-up.

In lutris, this means toggling the ‘dxvk’ box and putting DXVK_HUD in environment variables in putting the value to “1” in the appropriate columns.

In my case, I didn’t have the packages installed correctly. This had my DXVK working on 64-bit games, but not on 32-bit games (example: Warframe, last year)

I talked briefly about this in this question.