Mouse cursor disappears during gameplay (Diablo 3)

I really don’t know what’s going on, but whenever I play Diablo 3 around 5-10 minutes, the mouse cursor in the game just disappears.

This began to occur just after the Battle.Net update.

So in order to open the launcher correctly, I followed the instructions recommended by “Syrio” in this topic Issues starting on Pop!_OS after update

Suggestions are extremely welcome!

Can you confirm what distro/desktop environment you are using?
I’ve personally had varying issues with non-gnome environments while playing Starcraft II.

Good question, I even apologize, because I just forgot to mention my settings.

Ubuntu 18.04.03 LTS, GNOME 3.28.2 - Intel® Core™ i7-4700HQ CPU @ 2.40GHz × 8, GeForce GTX 960M, 16GB RAM.

I was able to solve the problem by just changing the settings on Lutris, leaving and other games with support for 32bits, that is, I am using D9VK with Virtual Desktop. So far I had no problems with the mouse cursor disappearing during the match.