League of Legends Linux

Hello, a couple of years ago I was playing lol at 200 fps with lutris now I’m going to 7 counted by the game itself. How do I fix it?

OS: Ubuntu 22.04

I would start by looking at the pinned message, then this link to check you have the basics in place (link) and finally go to the system options tab for LOL and set the Vulkan ICD Loader to use your gpu not your cpu. As a hint, if it says unspecified, auto or default, change it to match your gpu.
Finally if the problem persists (being LOL, it probably will), read the pinned message to provide useful information here so people can help you.

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I solved it. I repaired this error by launching Ubuntu with Xorg. I was using Wayland before.

Now, I have 250 fps.

Thanks for your time.

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I keep forgetting that people use Wayland on Ubuntu

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