Fixing issues with Lutris

Quick debug thread to help:

  1. Read the pinned message on this forum - the lutris -d output is key to debugging issues. If you don’t see version 0.5.13 or newer as your lutris version, UPGRADE LUTRIS - go to the downloads area here - Ubuntu, Mint and Pop users, gdebi is best option to upgrade to the downloaded deb file, though you can try CLI to upgrade.

  2. If you see lutris version 0.5.13, install package vulkan-tools, then launch lutris, click on the three lines on the title bar->preferences->global options. Enable Show advanced options and scroll to the Multi-GPU section. In the Vulkan ICD Loader field, change this to an entry that matches your gpu and does not contain auto, unspecified or default.

  3. Again, lutris version 0.5.13 only, on the lutris main window, left hand list of icons find the runners area and click on wine. You will see a folder icon, click this and in the subsequent window make sure you have the most recent lutris-GE-Proton version installed (currently 8-12). Only install the ge-lol version if you are planning to use League of Legends.

  4. Remember to make sure you have all the wine dependencies (wine) and vulkan dependencies (vulkan) including the 32 bit libraries in place.