League of Legends keeps opening and closing

League of Legends keeps opening and closing using the DirectX version instead of OpenGL version because OpenGL version does not run.

If you were using the OpenGL version and switched to the DirectX Version make sure you switched the WINE Version to 1.9.2-stagingLOL because 2.0 wine is broken on the DirectX version.

I think i did that but i will give it another go.

How do i get to the debug prompt?

If you run lutris in a terminal it should give you a debug prompt.
Just open a terminal type “lutris” and hit enter and then open league in lutris. Your terminal will debug things.

Also to check your wine version open lutris, right click the league icon, click configure, runner options, and Wine version.

EDIT: If you downloaded the OpenGL version first and the only thing you did was change the game.cfg back to DirectX you need to make sure you download the directX version of LOL. You do that by opening lutris, right click league, and click install (add) another version, and then check the directx version.