Is there an installer for iso files in lutris like playonlinux has?

Hi. I’m wondering how one would install a game on lutris that one has on a cd or iso file?
Playonlinux has an installer for games, but i did not seem to find any in lutris. Did i not look close enough or is there no option like that? Thanks

This is the closest i got to an answer at the moment.

It worked to use the iso as executable… and then change to the .wine folder…
But the game did not get into the lutris game folder… which would had been cool. It got on wine in linux… And a wine shortcut on the desktop. Either way it works. Lutris is awesome.

For most ISOs I just right click and choose ‘disk image mounter’ although for some ISOs I have to use Furious isomounter. Then just treat the mouted iso like a disk

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