Install using Lutris with ISO file mounted

I’m new to Lutris and would like to install Wolfenstein Colossus from a .ISO file that is mounted. Is this possible? I’m probably wrong, but it seems that everything needs to be installed through Steam. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sure! You could take the Bulletstorm installer as a base, fork it and change the necessary things and you should be able to write an installer for the DVD version.

Don’t forget to copy the winesteam section from the steam installer, rename the section to wine and put it in your script.

So I saw your Winesteam installer fork, I’ll delete that but you can use the other unpublished installer I just created that is based of Bulletstorm. You only need to change some values in the script and it should work fine.

Okay, I’ll try that. Thank you for your help.

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