Is the installer for lutris special?

I’ve tried in the general discussion and had no answer…
I’m very new to this
So the game that I’m trying to play is League of Legends, and I already have the updated file in a hard drive from a windows I have access to.
I know I have to get Directx and VSs, but after those applications, should league work from a external hard drive? League is like 11 gigs and my SSD storages are limited.
Does lutris install a special version of LoL? If not, how would I be able to get it into Lutris as if it was installed from lutris?.
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Hi. Follow these instructions:

  1. Install LoL in lutris via this install script:

The easiest way is to type in a terminal: lutris league-of-legends-windows

  1. Do not launch the game at any point during the install. Once the lutris install script finishes, right click LoL in lutris->configure->game options. Change the executable to LeagueClient.exe in your pre-existing install.

You should now be able to run the game. If this doesnt work, copy the Riot Games folder from your pre-existing install to /home/your-user-name/Games/league-of-legends/drive_c/. it is safe to merge/overwrite the existing Riot Games folder that is in there. Next set the executable to the LeagueClient.exe in that folder instead.

I plan to do a video on this at some point soon.

well I guess this means I cant play from an external hard drive or from the windows files?

and btw which one is easier or has better performance, opengl or directx



direct x. detailed answer why here:

video showing how to use your existing install here:

Thank you you are glorious.
Last question. Should this work on low end models?
e.g. chromebook with linux (ubuntu) boot. Its not a bad chromebook but I’m trying to get it to work xD.

And if i just install with lutris app I should not have to deal with the github installer?

Thanks again you are amaznig

wait disregard the second question i finished your video