Infinite Loading Screen - Dragon Age Origins (GOG Version) - Manjaro

Hi All,
No issues with launching the game after I figured it out a bit more but when I go to start a new game the music continues but it remains at the loading screen. I tried leaving it for at least 20 minutes without any changes.

The debug log says something about running out of memory but I have 16GB of RAM so I don’t see how that could be the issue.

Any advice is very much appreciated, thanks.

“The file created by running lutris --submit-issue in a terminal.”

" Output of lutris -d . Kill Lutris and run lutris -d through a terminal. Reproduce your problem and share the output."

" Debug log of your game. Output log can be found by clicking the log button on the right sidebar."

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Have you tried using newer wine versions(3.8 staging is quite old)?If that does not help I recommend checking out this wine wrapper ,which I use myself

And huzzah that seems to have worked.
I’m new enough to Linux and i have hardly any idea what a Wine wrapper is but apparently that one you mentioned uses v3.16 so I tried that and changed the prefix architecture to Auto and it looks to be working.

Thanks a bunch for the help.