Import game with the same configuration as library install

As see here instruction to import a game by adding it manually, still I need to set all configurations for the new install. Setting it manually defeats the purpose of Lutris at the basic thing of handling this for me. In the case of three specific games, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3 and Path of Exile, how would I go about copying the game to a new install? I’m currently running Steam version for PoE so no folder in Games Home folder but I could do the standalone version if I can back up the game.

copy the Lutris “Games” folder to the new computer, at the same place.
copy this folders to the new computer in your new personal home:
I never tested, but this should work.


This are the bash scripts:

this requires a setup with following folders: /disk/Lutris/conf/.local/.share/, /disk/Lutris/conf/.cache, /disk/Lutris/conf/.config

Lutris bkp

cp -var ~/Games $BKP
cp -var ~/.config/lutris $BKP/conf/.config
cp -var ~/.cache/lutris $BKP/conf/.cache
cp -var ~/.local/share/lutris $BKP/conf/.local/share

Lutris rtr

cp -var $BKP/Games ~/
cp -var $BKP/conf/. ~/
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I’m having :
wine: cannot find '/home/$USER/Games/diablo-iii/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/ Launcher.exe'

NOTE: I did the backup on a NTFS partition, dunno if that’s the root of the problem.

Copied the files over again and it worked!! So, success!

The command cp -var $BKP/conf/ ~/ made a conf folder in my home directory so maybe I should try cp -var $BKP/conf/* ~/

You do know that glob * doesn’t catch dotfiles, right?
You can, however, achieve desired effect if you append . directory link to the source path ($BKP/conf/.)

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Thanks a lot! I just need this when switching distro which is not common so anything to perfect this is good for everyone.

Copying from an NTFS partition seems to be a problem

@binarydepth I confirm, you should not use Lutris with NTFS filesystem.

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Rather, you should avoid NTFS whenever possible
It’s not even officially supported in Linux (the available implementation is reverse-engineered from Windows) IIRC

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I meant copying from