[Solved] Exporting games to different linux PC

Hi there,

I am a big fan of Lutris now. Many games run with much higher performance that the others that I have used.

However, how do I export my games to different linux PC?

Thank you.

Copy/paste game folder to another computer, launch Lutris and install the game manually.

  1. click “add game…”
  2. in game info tab: give it a name and choose runner: wine
  3. in game option, executable field --> browse to the executable game file
  4. in game option, wine prefix --> browse to the game wine folder that contains “dosdevices” and “drive_c” folders

Thank you so much.

How does this solve adding a new game with same configurations as on library?

my answer here: Import game with the same configuration as library install

Hi there,

I do not have a chance to try any these instruction, just yet. Hopefully, I can do them soon.

Thank you again.