Reinstalled Lutris on another drive, copied home directory, but games are missing


I recently upgraded from an SSD to an NVME M.2 drive. I installed Manjaro and copied over my home directory from a Live USB using cp -a. Sure enough when booting back up, all of my old data and config are present.

I then installed Lutris and started it up but unfortunately my games are not showing up.

I have my games installed to a separate drive (unaffected by the OS install), it’s an ext4 partition mounted at boot time in the same way I had it set up to do before. The mount name / uuid of the drive is the same as before (it is at /mnt/8fabaada-c55f-42bb-b504-7b34f3e038b2)

Is there some way I can point Lutris to my config files and pick up my games library again? I have a slow Internet connection so it would be a shame to have to reinstall these games especially when I can see the files right there on the drive!

Here is the output from lutris --submit-issue:

lutris-issue-report.json on

and lutris -d (though the problem is immediately visible on startup so I did not need to interact with the window):

INFO     2019-09-19 09:16:18,069 [application.do_command_line:225]:Running Lutris
INFO     2019-09-19 09:16:18,069 [startup.check_driver:54]:Using NVIDIA drivers 435.21 for x86_64
INFO     2019-09-19 09:16:18,069 [startup.check_driver:58]:GPU: GeForce GTX 970
INFO     2019-09-19 09:16:18,069 [startup.check_driver:75]:GPU: 10DE:13C2 1458:3683 using nvidia drivers
INFO     2019-09-19 09:16:18,137 [startup.check_vulkan:129]:Vulkan is supported
INFO     2019-09-19 09:16:18,138 [dxvk.get_dxvk_versions:24]:Updating DXVK versions
DEBUG    2019-09-19 09:16:18,292 [http.get:68]:GET
INFO     2019-09-19 09:16:27,463 [application.do_shutdown:440]:Shutting down Lutris

Many thanks in advance.

did you try to configure the “games” folder in the “system options”?


In system options, I have the “Default installation folder” set to /mnt/8fabaada-c55f-42bb-b504-7b34f3e038b2/Games/Lutris but it has not picked up the games in that folder.

Permissions issue? Check that and user:group ownership. This bit me a few times in the past when migrating to new disks prior to just using lvm pools.

Good suggestion. All of the user:group permissions are the same as before. Everything inside my home directory is set to aaron:aaron.

Did you follow steps described in this thread? Import game with the same configuration as library install

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Thank you @legluondunet - that worked perfectly.

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