I'm going to take this as a learning opportunity: (lots of questions about installing MTGO)

I’m a novice. I’ve now spent several hours trying to install MTG Online, and at this point I think I need to take a step back and get some one-on-one (or ten-on-one) help:

Here’s the installation page:
(lutris) .net/games/magic-the-gathering-online/

Following the advice here, I go for the “Regular” version. Check my understanding: What I’m getting here is a script, right? A list of commands that Lutris will run, hopefully ultimately getting me a workable game?

I’m presented with a “Select installation directory” window. Check my understanding: This is NOT supposed to be a wine prefix, right? It doesn’t really matter where the game is installed? I go with the default: /home/deck/Games/magic-the-gathering-online

I see a bunch of terminal-style readouts, including some “warning”, “unable to” and “WARNING” lines.

It asks permission to install .Net Framework 4.7.2, so I let it. It proceeds to fill up blue bars indefinitely. I’ve given it more than an hour.

Searching online informs me that .Net versions should be installed with winetricks before trying to install other things. But I don’t see how it’s possible to do this: Lutris automatically creates a new wine prefix for every game upon install, right?

I try to use the “Latest” install script instead. This completely skips the .net install, and the game actually launches. But it throws an “EULA file not found” error. I’m unable to continue to the game. Apparently this is a known problem. The internet points to this as the solution. I have two questions: Why are people recommending a docker solution to a Lutris problem? And what does the command actually DO? In any case, that command does not solve the problem.

I have wondered if a better solution would be to give up and try the docker version of MTGO, but I really want to become competent with Lutris, and so working through these issues seems like a good learning opportunity.

Hello, AidanofVT

I have posted a method of installing this exact same dot net framework over here: How to install an MS.NET framework through Winetricks - #2 by kohiruu

Also a general tip for “bunch of terminal output”: ignore all the warnings, exit codes and errors are what matters when you want to debug an issue (in most cases).

And as for the docker, it is a way of making it work, so to speak. But docker was not primarily designed for running graphical applications. Also it could be a bit tricky to set up if you are not using some very general distro such as ubuntu. If it does not work, check if your kernel has all the required modules enabled (howto: Docker - Gentoo Wiki). Some containers may require additional configuration for them to work too.