How to install stuff to virtual environment that the installer created

Basically I’ve been thirsting for more performance on league and found this

But it needs a custom installer called Wooxy
(Idk why it says its not supported anymore/ if it doesn’t work it would say it doesn’t work)

I’m wondering if I just run it in .wine and select the league folder(in another environment) it will work or if I have to figure out a way to install it into the virtual environment where the league files are.

right click on leage in lutris, “run exe inside wine prefix”, select the installer file.

or if you need to mess with stuff in it from terminal, right click on leage in lutris, “configure”, then on the “game options” tab you see the wineprefix’s location, then do:

# first:
export WINEPREFIX=/path/to/the/wineprefix/you/just/looked/up
# then whatever you want to do on terminal
# when you're done:

but to get the wine version and everything right it’s preferable to just use the “run exe inside wine prefix” option.

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