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How long does it take to approve contributions and installers?

I signed up here one and a half month ago. I created a new installer and also added new tags (year, genre, etc.) for another game.

However neither the tags were approved nor the installer was published since that time. I understand that people work on this project in their freetime and that approval can take some time. However I must admit, that I feel a bit discouraged to improve tags or add new installiers, when there is no reaction at all. When I started using Lutris, I wondered a bit why so many installers are unpublished. It seems that installers for unknown games don’t get approved at all?

Is there any help needed in approving installers or contributions? I can understand that bad installers perhaps can be a security risk, but more people that can at least approve added tags for games would be a good thing…

(By the way, there also seems a bug when creating a new installer: Even you click on the “save draft” button, the first version always behaves like you’ve clicked the “publish” button.)

Do you feel like running an unofficial installer script repository on github? I feel that is a good alternative. You will be able to chuck them on here when everything is more user friendly.

I had the same issue initially which is understandable as you say but after the installer I uploaded was updated by someone else who as far as I could tell just resubmitted the exact same thing with no changes I just gave up. There was no version control that I could see and I did an actual update to the installer that is still waiting approval. Unless of course I am blind and someone did in fact change something but I couldn’t for the life of me find it to add to my update.

Well, the scripts are pretty basic installers for GOG games, so there’s currently no need for version control. It’s more that people new to Lutris won’t find the installers, because they have to select the “show unpublished installers” option. These installers also show no difference between a not working draft and a working one submitted for approval. So it’s difficult for new users to decide if it is a useful installer or not.

Installing a game without an installer (like described here: Very Brief tutorial on manually installing a game in Lutris ) has some serious issues with moving/uninstalling the game, so that’s also not an option.

Perhaps the problem with approval could also be solved by making some kind of general installers available. My installers basically differ only in the executable name of the game, so a general Wine GOG games installer would reduce the amount of required approvals a lot.