How do I use a different browser for flash games?

Well, Adobe Flash doesn’t really allow SWF files to control where their data is saved. And the location of the saves is dependent only on logic implemented by Adobe (which is normally, as I said before, the Adobe Flash config folder → shared-objects folder → path to “filesystem” domain → path in file tree). The exact name of the save file doesn’t matter, as it will be inside a folder named after the SWF file.

You’re probably confusing /tmp directory, tmpfs, and the concept of temporary folder. Think of it like this: somewhere in your system, there is a folder designated for throwaway files (like where an archived file can be unpacked when you want to view its contents). This folder is usually mounted in tmpfs, because RAM is always faster than hard drive, and the files in it aren’t needed after reboot (by definition). As for the name of this folder, it can be named /tmp (as it would make sense), but there’s nothing stopping the distributive developer from choosing a different name (like /shm, for example; shmfs being the old name of tmpfs). Actually, you can easily make a temp folder of your own by mounting a tmpfs anywhere you like (as you can tell from my screenshots, there’s several tmpfss mounted in my RAM), but in this case, you need the one used by system as default path for temp files. And the easiest way to find out is probably to check which folders are mounted as tmpfs.

Ok…so if I’m understanding correctly, there isn’t a specific directory where these files in RAM would be stored. So I couldn’t just look in someplace like /tmpfs. I more need to search the entire drive for the file name/type?

Check out my earlier post; it explains how to find out which folders are in tmpfs.

Oh I see. Check here:


I ran the first command, then ran the game and created a save and exited. Then I ran the second command. Am I missing something, or has nothing changed?

How much data do you expect there to be in a flash game save file? The current save folder to the one I used as example takes up several dozen bytes. At the very least use exact size instead of rounded one (df -B1). And, you should probably compare folders from a fresh boot (when there’s no flash saves at all) to make sure there’s actual difference.

That being said, out of these folders the most suspicious one seems to be /run/user/1000. Second one is /dev/shm (why is it tmpfs?…) but I wouldn’t bet on that one.
You can also try echo $TMPDIR, but no guarantees here.

Honestly? I was expecting a meg or two of data. I was def not expecting anything below a kb. Seriously? Only a dozen bytes?

What do you mean by suspicious?

Also, I just re-read your post. You don’t say how to actually navigate into the folder in ram. Only see them. Or…am I missing something?

Well I don’t actually know how much information this game stores, but how much save data do you expect to be there? Probably stuff like your location, your stats, and what point in the storyline you’re at. It’s not like a flash game gonna have thousands of individual characters and items to keep track of at all times…

Suspicious as in most likely guess.

It’s a folder. The method to navigate there is always the same regardless of its location. The only issue could be if it was unreachable (remote or forbidden access), but that never applies to the temp folder (for obvious reasons).