Help with Assassin's Creed Odyssey

I am running Linux Mint 19.1 with Cinnamon and Lutris and I’m trying to get Assassin’s Creed Odyssey working through Uplay. I used the install button found here to get it started, then followed through and Uplay seems to have installed properly. I can log in, view my games, and launch Assassin’s Creed. It brings up the splash screen for AC and loads just like it would in windows, but at the point where the game would normally go fullscreen, the entire session goes away and I’m left with a small window that’s just black with a title bar. I’ve let that sit to see if eventually the game would load or if I could see a portion of the title screen of AC, but it never changes. It appears as though I’m close to getting it running, but I’m not sure what else to do.

I have run this game on this same PC when it was running Windows. The PC is definitely capable of handling it based on the hardware.

I can take screenshots if that makes a difference. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Did you copy over the configuration files and Savegames from Windows? If you did, delete/rename them first.
I woul recommend to start Lustis from terminal using lutris -d
The output will help alot to troubleshoot.

Originally, I did use the files from my Windows install. I started over completely with a new UPlay install and installed Assassin’s Creed through UPlay and I still have the same problem. I started Lutris from the command line and it gives 560 lines of output. I looked through it and looked a few lines up, but I don’t really know which part is showing the problem with the game.

I can’t post the entire output here due to the post size limitation, so I put it in a text file.

Most people are not going to download some strange file, just to see the output of your logs. Most people use to post their error logs. You also may want to read please read before asking for help. That post gives the correct way and what information you need to post to get help.

Thank you for posting that link.

I followed the instructions and my outputs are posted here

I’m not sure if it helps, but since trying AC, I have installed StarCraft II and Diablo III, and both run flawlessly with Lutris. AC is really the last part for me to fully switch everything over to Linux Mint from Windows.

@RLD831 I won’t be any more help, but I am quite confident someone on this forum will be.

I got the video to show by disabling the UPlay overlay, but the window is still only about half the size of a playing card. I’ve tried changing a bunch of video settings, in game, in Lutris, and in Wine. Nothing seems to have an effect. I did get it to stretch to almost the full size of my monitor, but it stretched the tiny image, so it was all pixelated, not a true 1920x1080.

Hey @RLD831 I got AC:O working in Lutris. If you still have a problem I might be able to help.

Would you be able to share the solutiojn?