Fortnite help

Hello, I just freshly installed Fortnite on Linux Mint and it worked right away. Unfortunately not very long. I was playing Battle Royale and was playing in Playgrounds to test everything without having to play a real match and after a few minutes I got kicked out of the match with the Error message:

There was an Error
Failed to connect to network backend services. It’s possible that a firewall may be the cause.

My firewall is disabled btw.

Why is this topic closed without giving me a proper answer? BattleEye Problem? I thought I was using Easy Anticheat otherwise I wouldn’t be able to start the game in the first place -.-
I could play for like 10-15 minutes before getting that message so how should I know what the cause is?
Thanks for not communicating with me and instead showing a lazy way of saying “get lost”!


This was closed because it’s a duplicate and has been answered already. This ain’t a Lutris problem but a problem with Wine and anti-cheat. BattlEye and EAC don’t play well with Wine. It’s a miracle you even got to play for that long it usually kicks you when you exit the bus.