Fortnite help

Hello, I just freshly installed Fortnite on Linux Mint and it worked right away. Unfortunately not very long. I was playing Battle Royale and was playing in Playgrounds to test everything without having to play a real match and after a few minutes I got kicked out of the match with the Error message:

There was an Error
Failed to connect to network backend services. It’s possible that a firewall may be the cause.

My firewall is disabled btw.

Why is this topic closed without giving me a proper answer? BattleEye Problem? I thought I was using Easy Anticheat otherwise I wouldn’t be able to start the game in the first place -.-
I could play for like 10-15 minutes before getting that message so how should I know what the cause is?
Thanks for not communicating with me and instead showing a lazy way of saying “get lost”!


This was closed because it’s a duplicate and has been answered already. This ain’t a Lutris problem but a problem with Wine and anti-cheat. BattlEye and EAC don’t play well with Wine. It’s a miracle you even got to play for that long it usually kicks you when you exit the bus.

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Just wanted to share my experience with Fortnite on Linux Mint. I was super excited when the game worked flawlessly after installation, but my excitement was short-lived. While testing things out in Playgrounds, I kept getting kicked out of matches with an annoying error message about failing to connect to network backend services. And yes, I double-checked, my firewall was indeed disabled. I double-checked this several times here: and it turned out to be true.

I mean, c’mon, I just wanted to enjoy some gaming without being left hanging. But thankfully, a kind soul pointed out that this isn’t a Lutris issue, thanks for this! Turns out, it’s more of a problem with Wine and the anti-cheat system. BattlEye and EAC just don’t cooperate well with Wine. Kudos to the person who mentioned it, because it totally makes sense.

So, to the author facing this issue, don’t lose hope. It’s not you, it’s the compatibility. Maybe someday the developers will find a workaround, but for now, we might have to wait.