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Has anyone fixed Fortnite yet.
BattlEye problem.

Forget it, I lost my hope with this games with anti"shit", it’s will never work on wine, whatever they find a way, the next update will break it.

Does not work.

Who’s gonna fix it ?

Probably only if you ask the developpers themselves, although they don’t have much motivation to do it. The majority of players should be Windows based, and even with their Android port, it would be “too much of a hassle” to think about the anti-cheat system for linux based PCs.

League of Legends was in a similar situation recently, I’m not sure they sorted it out yet

I am able to play league of legends

Because the developpers of the game explicitly fixed a non-obligatory thing in their anti-cheat. They don’t need to support Linux if they only list Windows as their supported system. The same goes for any other company. That’s why what you can do is ask and hope.

Did you try gsm fix fortnite latest version?