Final Fantasy XIV "An unexpected error has occurred"

The launcher works just fine and I can log in okay, but after I click “Play (dx11)”, the game client window shows up, but before rendering anything it gives me an error pop-up that looks like:

An unexpected error has occurred exiting FINAL


[](lutris -d output)

I’ve tried different versions of DXVK and disabling the Lutris runtime to no avail. It’s not obvious to me which parts of the log could indicate the problem. The error message pops up right around 007b:fixme:driver:D3DKMTOpenAdapterFromHdc (0x22ebc0): stub and the following lines.

Let me know if you have any ideas for troubleshooting - I’m not sure what to look into from here.


Try this version of Wine mentioned in the end of the post:

If it doesn’t work, stay in that Wine version and try a slightly older DXVK (1.1, 1.2.0, etc).

@Resonious I could be reading your Lutris -d output wrong but it looks like Lutris is trying to use both of your graphics cars at the same time. It seems you have a GeForce GTX 1060 and an Intel iGPU being used at the same time. Are you able to get into Final Fantasy at all?

Thanks for the ideas, folks!

@dan1lo_bc Switching to ge-protonified-4.9 seems to have changed the text on the error message. Error message with Japanese text
In fact, ge-protonified-4.10 also results in that un-localized error message. Same thing on every DXVK version above 1.0 (with ge-protonified-4.9).

@Shadowbane The launcher works, but the client crashes with the aforementioned error message as soon as it starts. Not sure if Lutris is actually trying to use both cards, or if the logs just show that Vulkan is aware of both cards. Other games correctly use only the Nvidia card.

I have little clue. I’ve passed a long debug process in the other thread, but I don’t remember this specific error message appearing there.

The general rules are: make sure DXVK works in any other game, make sure wine and dxvk are compatible…

@Resonious being a Linux noob and not knowing a lot about Lutris (not able to run Lutris because don’t have compatible graphics card) I probably won’t be much help. The fact you are able to run other games without problems, I would assume Lutris when running Final Fantasy see’s both graphic cards. As I have mentioned before I don’t know a lot about how wine and Lutris work so I can’t say for sure your problem is because Lutris ses’s both graphic card. I seem to remember different post someone else seemed to have the same problem and got it working. You may want to read other post on this forum. Sorry that is the only thing I can suggest.

This “final fantasy sees both graphics cards” has been talked about in the other FFXIV thread. vulkaninfo and similar things simply show the graphics card. If Resonious can play other games using the dedicated graphics card and no further tweak, the same should happen with FFXIV. There is no difference in DXVK settings for FFXIV and other DXVK titles that say “hey, use the dedicated card”.

This didn’t solve the problem for the person on the other thread. Also, the fact that changing wine versions change the error message point to an error more towards Wine than DXVK.

Then I guess the best thing to do is try different versions of Wine and or DXVK.

Ultimately, check if Wine and NO dxvk works fine. Better play the game then spend a week in the metagame of making it work…